Establishing a business in the centre of Dubai or in main land Dubai is not an easy task at all. There are rules, regulations and laws that need to be taken into consideration and complied with for this purpose. However, things are a lot simpler for businesses that wish to established themselves within a free zone. Admission rules and regulations for companies to deal with. Let us take a look at a few legal aspects of establishing a company in a Dubai free zone.

Types of businesses that can be established in a free zone

Before opting for an Ajman free zone business setup, it is necessary for you to acquire as much information as possible about the different types of businesses that can be established in a free zone.

The first option is that of a free zone company. To make things clear, these are businesses that are 100% owned by businessman that has established them. There is no need for you to work with a sponsor. Also, there are no restrictions as such over the companies, and there is no need for these companies to worry about paying taxes as they are exempted from them.  Such businesses are allowed to own properties and open bank accounts in Dubai. Their licence application process is very quick and there are lesser renewal charges once the licence expires.

The second option that you have is that of an offshore company registration in Dubai. These are actually businesses that operate in Dubai outside their boundaries. For instance, a New Zealand based company can establish its presence in Dubai through an offshore company. The best part about companies is that along with being exempted from taxes these do not even need to have a physical presence. The only need is for them to get one company director registered. While no minimum capital is required, it is best for companies to start with at least 10, 000 AED.

Get your visa and business lessons sorted out

Trusted in establishing an offshore company in Dubai free zone then you for a work visa or business visa. The attainment of a visa is not an issue at all in the process is usually rather easy and quick. Incident you must submit your application to the Dubai economic development department for the acquisition of your business licence. Without it, there is no way that you will be able to establish your business.

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