How to ensure your privacy in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, you want to have fun, but this does not mean that you want to be in the public’s eye for the whole time. So even though there are lot of people in Dubai who would actually want to be in the news, there are many who would rather be given their privacy. So just how does one get this privacy back in a city that does not sleep and where people go to get their pictures taken, so every single person is either taking a selfie  or they are snapping their family? Here is how the mega rich do it and you can do this as well if you can spend some money.

Bullet proof transport

The first thing is bullet proof cars. When the mega rich travel through the city they use armoured vehicles and this means that they cannot be seen from the outside. Another thing that they do while travelling through the city is that they tell their drivers to keep up the window and they will not even stop if someone is flagging them for a ride. This way the privacy of these people is ensured while they travel. Now if you want to have the same degree of privacy, all you have to do is hire a car rental that has a Humvee or a bullet proof car and they will give you the full use of the car with a driver. When you are traveling through the city in such a car, you will have complete privacy. You can even buy your own car if you live in the city and want to ensure privacy, as there are a lot of armoured car sales.

Travelling incognito

Another thing that the mega rich do is that they make sure that they are travelling incognito, this means that the people who they are dealing with at the hotel are well aware that such a person is going to be staying with them, but they do not give out this information to other people. So if you want to ensure privacy when you are staying at a hotel, you can just ask the staff not to pass the personal information that they have about you to anyone else. Usually the staff is quite conscious in this regard but you can ask them to be extra safe.

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