Types of Cleaning Services

Since cleaning services are advancing day by day these days, they are categorized into different types. There was a time when cleaning was done by dusting and sweeping only which wasn’t enough in any way. Highly effective detergents weren’t invented in those times and people used to struggle a lot with cleaning services. Now the cleaning services have evolved widely and you can carry out cleaning services yourself. 

This isn’t the era where you had to move out yourself and hire cleaners to make your house look brand new. Now you can easily order your desired cleaning services online and you will receive reliable facilities. Let’s find out the types of cleaning services Dubai Marina that are available for us. First we have basic cleaning. This type of cleaning covers all the daily used and engaged items as well as furnishings of our house with several cleaning methods. Initially, dusting is applied to every place where a cloth doesn’t get wet. Once the dust is off, sweeping and wiping is done in places such as kitchen, washroom as well as rooms. 

Furnishings such as sofa, bed, cupboard and tables are cleaned and carpets including door mats are also cleaned. In this way, all the top layers of dirt are cleaned. In the second type we have deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is just like deep scanning in an antivirus. Maid services in JBR cover every single area, item and furnishings of the house with multiple cleaning procedures in order to make the house look brand new. In basic cleaning, the thick layers of stains on the floor or between the tiles might fail to be cleaned but deep cleaning includes water pressure that is very powerful and peels off every kind of dirt from the walls, ditches, fabrics as well as slopes. 

Once water pressure is applied, chemical detergents are sprayed over the floors and windows. Such type of cleaning helps to clean the environment as well. The third type is known as customized cleaning. In this type of cleaning, we have a choice regarding which place or area we want to be cleaned. Customized cleaning is usually followed when there’s an occasion in a particular place and you just want one room to be cleaned as the guest will be visiting that room only. Customized cleaning can be applied in bathrooms and kitchens as well.

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