4 Questions Every Client Should Answer When Checking Their Office Fit Out Design

Designing a business space is not all about making the place visually appealing to the public. In fact, a number of factors should be taken into consideration to ensure that it meets the requirements of the clients, and by extension, their target audience.

That is why Dubai interior fit out companies make sure to meet every requirement set by the client. The client, on the other hand, needs to work closely with their contractors to see if what they conceptualize is what they really need. An office design concept goes through a number of approvals, and clients need to answer the following questions to know if the design would best fit their needs:

  1. Does the design meet the criteria?

Before the contractors proceed with the design phase, the client and the builders will set a criteria that will serve as a reference to check if the design studies that will be submitted for approval will meet the needs of the client. Both parties will sit down and compromise on some of the specs. Once the design studies are submitted, the client will check whether all the specs are met. The project will not proceed unless the client signed his/her approval on the design template.

  1. Is it within the price estimate agreed?

The overall price of the project is set even before the project commenced. Most of the time, the contractors would provide a breakdown of expenses that would specify each item – from the consultation fee, labour, execution, and design components. The client would need to check if there are discrepancies in the working budget. Adjustments are acceptable, as long as the overall project cost is still near or close the initial estimate of the contractors.

  1. Is efficiency taken into account in the design?

As mentioned, the design of the office space is not just about the visuals. It should be able to serve a purpose, especially for the people using the space. Apart from the design element, the client would need to check if the design is efficient enough to support the needs of the space users. At this stage, the client would need to refer to the checklist guide and see if the contractor missed anything in terms of space functionality.

  1. Does the design meet the laws and regulations set by governing agencies?

There are cities and jurisdiction that set certain policies as guidance for building and designing an office space. The contractor must be able to meet the legal requirement of these jurisdictions and incorporate them in the design.


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