A step by step guide to making a will

You need to get the professional help for the UAE will for expats to get it done with the best services. There are several services which you can get the wills in Abu Dhabi. If you want to get the will then you need to get some research by yourself too in order to get to know about the process of making the will. To make it easier for you here is a complete guide:

People to mention: When you are going to make a will then you have to first know about to whom you can give your property. People think that they can give it to anyone; it is true to some extent because you cannot give a major part of your property to people other than the people we are going to mention here. You can mention your friends and give something out of your entire property, then you can give it to your partner and spouse because they are more deserving of getting something after you will be no with them, you also need to mention the names of your children and family persons to whom you want to give some parts of your property.

Estimate your property’s net worth: Next step is that you need to estimate the net worth of your entire property because you need to know about the proper net worth and only then you can divide it in to other people. For this purpose you need to know about your bank account balance, any other savings, house or any other property and jewelry which you possess. Some other things are also included which are difficult to estimate because their value vary with time, these include stock market investment and the business which you do not own entirely.

Give property with proper mentioning: You need to give your heirs your property but you need to mention about everything and every person in detail. If you have 10000 Riyal and you have 4 heirs then you need to split money with proper mentioning like, I am giving 2000 Riyal to my wife, 2 thousand to my daughter and 6 thousand to my son. In this way people will not get any doubt about what they will get from your saving. If you have mentioned in this way then it is called pecuniary bequest.

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