Basic Design Concepts That Can Help You Design Your Space Better

Interior design is more than just creating a stunning space. The truth is there is some science that goes into it, to ensure that the creative side balances the function. Interior designers are also guided by design concepts that they use every time they are creating design themes and schemes for their clients.


For homeowners who prefer to do the designing and renovating themselves, here are some basic design concepts from a top interior design consultancy in Dubai you can apply for redesigning your space:


  • Be detailed with the measurements


As mentioned, there is a science behind interior design – from the choice of color to the measurement of the materials and where they are placed. Specific measurements can balance the space or make an interesting contrasting effect. Some design experts give some tips on detailed measurements you can apply in your design. For instance, the ideal height of hanging your curtains is at least 4 inches on top of the window. The TV distance from your sofa is also important. Interior design professionals say that it would depend on the size of the TV. For the measurement, multiply the diagonal size of the TV by two.


  • Find the room’s focal point


The concept of focal point is usually applied to art and photography. However, you can also use this when designing a space. In terms of design, the focal point is a space in your house that you want to emphasize. There are spaces that have built-in focal points like a large window or a fireplace. But for spaces don’t have focal points, you can create one by painting one side of the wall with a different color or using a large art piece as the focal point.


  • Apply the rule of thirds


You might probably read about the rule of thirds in paintings and photography. In terms of design, using odd numbers when designing a space creates visual harmony. You can either group accents of the same design into three and place them with uneven vases or glasses. With this practice, you are able to create accents with similar material and color while producing a contrasting effect with the uneven vases.


  • Utilize the negative space


Overwhelming the space with design accents and elements can be a design dilemma. Sometimes, less is more. Try to utilize your negative space by leaving it alone. This can create a breathing space inside the room.


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