Ecological and Environmental Awareness in Dubai

UAE is the fastest growing part of the world. One would think they already did everything there is to be done and that there is nothing more that they can invent or do to make the country even better, but the growth is still not stopping.

Industrial Revolution hit UAE much later than other countries all around the world (England, Germany, USA and Italy), but when it finally did hit, things were rolling faster than anyone would think it is possible. Huge oil platforms were built all around the region. Factories were popping from the ground on daily basis and suddenly everybody was diving cars; before that it was much more like in big cities in India. People were riding bicycles or camels, or those man-power-driven vehicles like one can see on the streets of Bangladesh – rickshas.

All of these factors contributed to the process that is threatening to dramatically change the life on the Earth – the process of Global Worming.  UAE head a big summit in 2013 concentrated on endangered animal species and global pollution and worming. It was agreed to work on a problem of toxic waste and production of toxic gasses, and a lot has been done since in order to preserve some animals, especially birds, in UAE region. Solar energy panels are more and more present in order to reduce the use of electrical energy and oil. But UAE concentrated the most on education of children in schools. It is very important to educate young generations who are there to inherit the Earth about how to treat the planet that has been our home for millenniums.

Every school has its own garden. Pupils are encouraged to grow their own plants and to take care of them. They are trying to teach the kids that man can be self-sufficient and produce the food for his family; the most important thing is that that food can still be healthy and enough. Young couples are encouraged to expand green areas of UAE by being given the land to work on it. This method had shown great results because even the couples who weren’t financially stable, got a chance to expend their family and the entire family and also to contribute to the development of UAE, especially Dubai, as ecologically aware and responsible region.

There is also already famous Dubai’s Sustainable City, the project based on the idea to provide totally clean, mostly solar energy for more than 450 houses in the area. It is very expensive project, but can we really put a price on saving the planet and making a better future for our children?  This City within a city has a plan to build the first green school and hotel in the world. Good luck!

News Reporter