How to prepare your child for nursery school

Believe it or not, but preparing a child for nursery school is something that is usually harder on the parents than the child. The reason why this is so is because when going to a British nursery in Dubai, it would probably be the first time that the child will be separated from his parents for such a long duration. Another reason for this is that in most cases, this would be the first time that the parents would leave their children under someone else’s supervision.

Yes, parents at times do go out in the eve while a babysitter watches their child, but things are very different when it comes to sending them out school as it calls for the child to be left under the supervision of a complete stranger, that too for several hours of the day all through the week.  There are certain steps that you also need to take to prepare yourself before preparing a child for nursery school. Anything else it is extremely important for you to sort out your own perspective of a nursery school. The way you present the nursery to your child is going to have a serious impact on how willing he is to go to it. If you presented as a scary place that is a good chance that he will get apprehensive about it and may not be too willing to go. If you pretend to be really excited about nursery school when you visit one there is a good chance that he will pick up on your excitement and consider it a good place to be at.

Apart from your words it is also necessary for you to take care of your body language. Even the way that you talk and the tone of your voice is going to have a serious impact over the ways in which your child perceives nursery school. Every single thing been conveyed to your child when visiting a nursery in Marina Dubai should have a very positive appeal.

For the first few days, the nursery that you choose for your child might allow you to sit with him for a while. Maximize on this and try to spend a bit of time with your child in his class. But when you do so make sure that your interaction with him is limited. Even when you interact with him make sure that you give him lots of encouragement to interact and socialize with his class fellows. Get him to play with the other children and spark interest in him towards the toys and activities being conducted in the class. This will play an important role in helping a child learn to have fun in his class both on his own and with his class fellows.

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