Perfect summer dress options

Summer season lasts longer than winters in Abu Dhabi. Now the summer’s weather calls for cute colors and stylish designs of dresses. Phillip Plein Abu Dhabi brings you a designer range of complete summer variety which you can buy and have a marvelous look this summer. The feminine and cool dresses are your first thing in shopping list when you are spending your holiday in Abu Dhabi. All kind of dresses, formal, semi-formal or casual are available on this store. SO, if you have to attend a beach party or summer barbeque then you must rush towards this store to grab your favorite dress.

What kind of dress should you get?
Out of so many options available, you should find a PAROSH dress that is suitable to your body shape or personality. There are many vibrant colors and floral print dresses for you and all of them will look fantastic under sun. Let’s know different style of dresses on this store for summers which you can get this season:

1: Maxi: Maxi is a very stylish yet comfortable dress. It is a very popular style which is ideal for beach walking or travelling. Maxi looks wonderful in floral prints and vibrant colors. It is a fashionable or practical choice for everyday wear. There are so many designs in maxi you can find on this store. Get your favorite now.

2: Strapped dress: Summer dresses which have thin straps look cute and stylish for summer wear. You can get them in different colors or patterns to enjoy a cool and flattering look. For busty figures wide straps are preferable as they go according to the body shape.

3: Strapless dress: It is an adorable option to wear as summer dress that will help you in showing off your shoulders. This is a classy way to get a stunning look by wearing a strapless dress for casual parties or dinners. But you should keep in mind that this dress goes best with longnecks and graceful arms. If you decide to get a strapless dress get a good strapless bra beneath to have enough support. If you want to wear this kind of dress but you are unsure of your body figure then you can wear a body shaper under your dress to make it look perfectly fitted.

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