Pros Of Using Dosing Pumps For Cleaning Water

You may have heard a lot about the ever rising contamination in drinkable waters around the world. One wonders if the water is anymore drinkable at all. Such thoughts reach our mind day in and day out as the water we drink seems to contain some very dangerous chemicals. The addition of Arsenic acid itself can cause a number of diseases. Usually, this chemical is found in water that is stored under the Earth’s surface but lately, several lab tests have shown that the surface water has also shown traces of it. Though the quantity found is quite minute for now, it can have adverse effects on your hair, skin and bones. Prolong exposure to this chemical can even damage lungs, heart, liver and other organs in the body. It is safe to assume that water also contains other less renowned chemicals but they are not highlighted. For instance, your usual tap water is not much different from the so called mineral water you buy from the market.

Both types many contain excessive levels of Mercury, Lead, Dioxin, Chlorine, Fluoride and PCBs. It is incredible just how a small device like a dosing pump can literally address most of the problems with your drinking water. In fact, dosing pumps can be regarded as one of the great inventions of our times. The pump is designed in a way that it can control the flow of chemical in the water. The ratio of chemical and water will be controlled by the pump throughout the process. Here is more on how it works and what makes it a unique water cleaning solution:

Precision Control

The pump comes equipped with a tank containing a mixture of different chemicals. To make sure the pump does the cleaning, you need to attach it to the water supply. This could be a pipe or a chamber or whatever way the water reaches your home. Once it is attached, the pump is turned on. Keep in mind that you need to control the amount of chemical mixture to be injected into the water. Make sure it doesn’t exceed the desired quantity. The pump draws power either from a small motor or a power supply attached to it. To ensure the pump keeps working flawlessly, you need to attach it to the water supply and keep the injector assembly attached to the pipe all the time.

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