Tips on applying the keratin treatment

The keratin treatment has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Indeed, if you are the owner of a salon, it is necessary for you to offer the keratin treatment to your clients. If anything, the treatment offers big money as well, which is a major reason why many salon owners offer it. Therefore, as food for thought, if you have a hair salon and do not have this keratin treatment service, you are losing out big time.

With that, here is a bit of information about the ways in which you should apply the keratin treatment over the clients that visit your mobile salon in Dubai.

  • You basically need to start with ensuring that you are offering keratin treatment from the best brand around. You need to know the fact that there are countless brands in the market and all of them claim to offer the finest treatment. However, you need to be very careful about the products that you choose as not all are equally good.
  • Once you have informed your clients about the keratin treatment and how you will go about it, it is time for you to wash their hair as carefully as possible. As you do so, focus more on the hair as opposed to focusing on the scalp. At this juncture, conditioner should not be applied.
  • After you have washed the hair as stipulated above, you can now begin applying the recommended keratin treatment. Start by sectioning the hair into four sections and begin applying the product. The most appropriate way by the best hair stylist in Dubai is to make the application is by beginning from the top and then work your way towards the bottom. Unlike the way you washed the hair vigorously, the keratin product should be gently applied. You should be aware that there are some keratin treatments that are applicable to damp hair and others to dry ones. Once you are through with the product application, comb the hair with a tooth comb in a fine smooth manner. Repeatedly run the comb through the hair until it is clean. For the “keratin shot” brand, it is recommended that the application be done using a spraying bottle. On the other hand the “keratin complex” brand should be applied using a brush and a bowl.
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