Tips On Booking Hotels Last-Minute During The Holidays

Travel experts always advise people to book their flights and accommodations in advance, especially before the Holiday season. It is a known fact that rooms and flights are fully-booked two months before this season approaches. But there are instances where people do a last-minute leap of faith and decide to go on some Holiday staycation.

To survive the challenge of doing some last-minute booking, travel experts provided some valuable tips that you can use:

  • Be prepared to spend more than the usual


Of course, booking early can save you enormous bucks since the rates are still cheaper when accommodations are booked in advance. So, when you are booking a hotel accommodation last-minute, expect that the rates are higher than the usual. But do not fret, there are hotels and travel agencies that offer holiday discounts for those who are looking for a place to stay during crunch time, like the Holidays. But finding the deals is also not an easy task, so it would be best to prepare for the surge rates when booking last minute.


  • Find the nearest hotels near your area


If you decided to go for a staycation, do not look for locations that are overseas. Travel experts strongly advise last-minute bookers against going for an overseas trip as they don’t have concrete travel plans yet and they would have little time to research the destination they are vying for. The best alternative is to look for hotels near your area. If you are in Fujairah, look for hotels near you like the Miramar Hotel. Booking near your local would give you a sense of familiarity and less hassle on planning your Holiday vacation.

  • Try using hotel apps


One of the benefits that technology provides is convenience, especially when you are in a hurry looking for something. In the case of a last-minute booking, you can try to look for accommodation using travel apps. These applications would give you an overview of the hotels near your place and their prices and ratings. You can even get discounts if you book through these apps. Check it out and see what accommodations would best fit your budget and preference.



  • Go for business-friendly hotels


As the Holiday season approaches, most hotels are experiencing a decline in conference bookings. You can take advantage of the situation and choose business-friendly hotels. Most of these hotels would like full vacancy during the Holiday season and would offer their business suite at very competitive rates.

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