Types Of Floral Arrangements

Events or functions used to be very simple back in the days when people were not that much acknowledged of celebrations. But slowly, when the fashion started gaining popularity, people started testing different ways of decoration and beautification in order to make a place look good. In this era, simplicity is very rare among people. Since fashion has increased, styles and ideas of decoration have taken step in the market. Floral arrangement is one of the ways of decorations that people follow in order to decorate their events for celebrations or different ceremonies. These are some of the best floral arrangement ideas that you can follow for your events. 

Floral arrangements these days are followed as geometrical designs which means the flowers are arranged in a geometrical shape such as a circle, square, triangle or pentagon. To make these designs look good, the shapes are mixed with each other in order to invent a new vibe of floral arrangement. But geometrical arrangements are not the only type of floral arrangements that people use for their events. Since floral arrangement has become an art these days, you can apply the pattern of flowers to almost everything from a chair or sofa to a wall or window. The more colors the flowers have, the move beauty your will perceive. Vertical, horizontal, oval, S shaped as well as cascade floral arrangements are the most common ones used by Dubai wedding planners. In Dubai, corporate floral arrangements are also enhanced by mixing different floral arrangement shapes into each other and promoting them as a new trend.

The next floral arrangement is flowers in the vase. This type of floral arrangement is one of the most beautiful arrangements ever. In this type, a colorful or transparent vase is used in which different varieties of flowers are placed. These vases are filled with fresh water in order to protect the flowers from getting dull. These flowers are usually known as rose flowers, jasmine, morning glory or delphinium. Even in the arrangement of flowers, you have different choices. You can use the flowers of same length, set the flowers of same color or arrange the flowers having different size and color. 

Arranging the flowers in vertical or horizontal order is also very common. In this order, the majority of flowers is placed in the middle and leafs of the flowers are placed on the sides, so it looks like both the sides of the arrangement are edge and middle portion is round. People also follow an arrangement similar to that which is called oval floral arrangement. In this type, the entire shape of the arrangement looks like an oval but seems similarly beautiful.

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