Best Transport Companies in Dubai

Transportation services in Dubai play a great role in everyday life; whether it is about moving, traveling around UAE, transferring furniture or your company material, transferring food or just getting from location A too location B – it should be professional, fast, without any losses, and hopefully not too expensive. Why? Because we are talking about one of the most active and fastest cities in the world. People often change locations and have to move promptly from one to another end of the town. Responsive and professional transportation companies are very desirable.

Here are  some of the highly rated transport companies in Dubai: Gillani Transport LLC (Transporting everything from people, children and animals to cars and furniture, and it is thought to be one  of the most professional and affordable), Efs Elite Freights( known for low costs of services), Meezan Transport (respected because of the skilled and polite staff), Afco(mostly popular for safely transporting heavy loads and breakable things), Oct General Land Transport(also specialized in heavy loads, but very popular because of the inventive ways to keep your belongings securely packed and delivered in one piece) and Refrigerator Transport LLC Dubai(they are very respected because of their equipment which keeps the food frozen and in deep frost for as long as it takes for food to arrive to the restaurant, supermarket  or hotel and that is very important in Dubai, especially during the summer because of very high temperatures).

One of the most popular transportation companies is one that offers personal driver services, called ‘The Driver. They can provide you the person to take you anywhere you want. You can ask for a specific person or change the chauffeur if you are not satisfied with the one that has been assigned to you. He can drive you around with the company car, or you can provide your own vehicle. This service is most popular among businessmen coming to Dubai for a few days to attend meetings and conferences, but people on vacation also use the services of personal driver very often.

Smart Own is the company that produces boats of different sizes for those who want to develop water transportation business for passengers.

If you need someone to transport and store your belongings in some secured place you will surely want to call ‘The Box’. They are highly recommended among many of the fashion and furniture companies in Dubai, but also among the people who are in the process of moving to or from Dubai, because of the way this company stores and takes care of your things.

If you want your new shiny 4×4 car delivered at your doorstep undamaged, you will give a call to ‘I Car Registration’. They will bring you your new ‘baby’ from wherever, and after they deliver it they will be able to help you register your car and make it ready to cruise on the streets and roads of Dubai.

Last but not least – pet owners and lovers often need their beloved pats of all kinds transferred to, from or across UAE. By many standards and opinions, company by the name ‘TransNet’ is the best choice to make sure that your house animals are traveling safe and getting the best possible care from the veterinaries who often travel with them during the transportation. ‘TransNet’ also helps you to deal with the necessary documentation, papers and passports you need to transport your best friend safely from one to another home.

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